AIG Motorcycle Insurance

The AIG team in Malaysia is committed to ensuring their clients have the protection they need. They offer property casualty insurance, life and retirement solutions that cover both present day needs as well future ones with a variety of different types conversions available for each type, offered at an affordable price!

What type of coverage should I purchase for my motorcycle?

Motorcycle insurance is a necessity for owners of motorcycles. The least you should get is Third Party coverage, but if you need extra protection, you should get comprehensive coverage.

How much should I pay to get motorcycle insurance?

If you need a cheaper choice, third party coverage is the least you should get for your motorcycle. If you need a wider coverage and price is not an issue, you should get comprehensive motorcycle insurance. The premium will be around a few hundreds to thousand depending on the insured sum of your motorcycle.

How do I choose the right AIG insurance plan for me?

The best way to protect yourself is by understanding the different options available. It’s important you research which option will work for your needs and budget. If you ever need advice, do consult AIG advisor.

How do I get the best price when purchasing motorcycle insurance?

Understand the plans given by different insurers, this is because different insurance companies will have a price difference for the same sum insured of your motorcycle.

Can I purchase add-ons?

You can purchase add-ons, but some of them are not really necessary. You will have to pay a higher premium if you want these extra benefits.

How can I contact AIG?

You can contact them through 1800 88 8811 or email (

What should I consider when choosing an insurer?

You should consider the package (plans) any insurers will offer. Also, customer reviews / satisfaction should be your concern too. You don’t want your experience with the insurer to be bad and the claiming process to be slow.

How does NCD work when renewing my motorcycle insurance?

With a non-claim discount, you can save up to 25% on motorcycle insurance. However that applies only if before making any claims with your motorcycle.

How can I claim my motorcycle insurance with AIG?

You should make sure that you have all of your documents in order and follow the claiming procedure for motorcycles from AIG.

Did AIG insurance provide roadside assistance?

Yes, you can contact their hotline (1800 88 8811) for their roadside assistance.

Should I choose to repair my motorcycle at a panel workshop or general workshop?

It is recommended to repair your motorcycle at the AIG panel workshop if you are covered by their insurance. This will guarantee it to have a smoother and easier claim.

Can I purchase multiple motorcycle insurance from different insurers?

Yes. However, it is not recommended to do so because of the price difference and complicated claiming process.

Can I renew my motorcycle insurance online?

Yes, you can renew your motorcycle insurance online because it is easy and convenient. Some insurers provide promotions or offers if you purchase online.

How do I know which insurers provide the best offer?

You can visit Policystreet as they will provide you with instant quotation and suggest you with the best and suitable insurers for you.