Kenanga Share Trading

About Kenanga

Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad is Malaysia’s most prominent, award-winning investment bank, regulated by the Securities Commission. Since its establishment in 1973, Kenanga has offered various financial services and products regarding investment ranging from equity broking to investment management and structured lending.

What is share trading?

Share trading is buying and selling shares, which can be done quickly for a profit. In contrast to regular investors who use long-term strategies to invest their money into companies’ shares, traders usually have more volatile investment patterns because they focus on the price fluctuations that occur daily or recently rather than just looking at how profitable it will potentially become over time.

What are the share trading platforms offered by Kenanga?

  • KenTrade

    KenTrade is a platform where investors interested in global markets and Bursa Malaysia-listed shares and warrants come to trade.

  • KDF TradeActive™

    KDF TradeActive™ is perfect for people who wish to trade in derivatives products listed in BMD, CME, and HKEX.

Why should I choose Kenanga?

  • Trusted

    Kenanga is an award-winning stockbroker whom most Malaysians trust.

  • Real-time trading information

    You can see your account balance summary and the calculation of profit, loss, and account margin in real-time.

  • Easy to use

    User-friendly apps that can be used on the go (available for desktop and mobile phone on Google Play Store and App Store).

  • Security is guaranteed

    Multi-factor authentication to ensure you are the only one who has access to your account.

  • Flexible

    Local and global markets products are available for you to trade.

Who can open a Kenanga share trading account?

Any individual who is 18 years old and above with no past criminal records is welcome to open any Kenanga share trading account.

What is the minimum purchase for Kenanga share trading account?

  • KenTrade

    No minimum amount (at least RM10 in your account)

  • KDF TradeActive™

    RM3,000 (initial deposit)

What are the fees of the Kenanga share trading account?

  • KenTrade
    • Brokerage fees

      0.42% (Contracts below RM100,000) | 0.21% (Contracts below RM100,000)*

    • Minimum brokerage fees


    • Transaction fees

      RM1 stamp duty for every RM1,000**

    • Clearing fees

      0.03% from transaction value**

  • KDF TradeActive™

    If you are a client of Kenanga Futures, there will be no charge imposed on you as it is a complimentary trading platform.

*As of 3 March 2022
**6% SST is applicable

What is the process of opening the Kenanga share trading account?

  • KenTrade
    1. Open CDS account
    2. Provide these documents:
      • Copy of NRIC/ passport
      • Copy of bank statement/ bank confirmation letter/ bank passbook
    3. Download all the forms here
    4. Visit website
    5. Register for Kenanga Trading Account by clicking “Open Kenanga Trading Account”
    6. Wait for a dealer representative to contact you
    7. After a dealer representative has contacted you, go back to the link and click “Register for Online Account”
    8. You will be sent a confirmation letter regarding your account opening confirmation.
  • KDF TradeActive™
    1. With your account, bank in RM3,000 (initial deposit) to Standard Chartered Bank, (312143571425) Kenanga Futures Sdn Bhd.
    2. Provide these documents:
      • Copy of front and back of NRIC/ passport with your signature on the side
      • Selfie with NRIC/ passport
      • Copy of 3 months of bank statement/ latest payslip
      • Bank-in receipt
      • Utility bill
    3. Visit Kenaga website
    4. Click “DOWNLOAD NOW” to download the application form
    5. Fill in the form and submit it along with the required documents via email to
    6. Your application will be processed within 5 business days.

How do I contact Kenanga?

  • KenTrade

    You can contact them through phone (1800-88-2274), WhatsApp (+60172438740), or email (

  • KDF TradeActive™

    You can contact them at +60321723820 or