MSIG Travel Insurance

MSIG, a subsidiary of MS&AD Insurance Group, which is Asia’s leading general insurance brand, with a global presence in 46 countries. MSIG is also one of Malaysia’s largest general insurers, with a nationwide network of 20 branches multi-channel networks to meet the needs of its customers. MSIG also offers a wide range of insurance products for both personal and commercial use, giving customers the option to purchase any insurance product they desire. MSIG travel insurance will protect and cover you and your loved ones while you are on vacation or on business. This MSIG travel insurance will protect you and your family during your journey, whether it is domestic or international.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of coverage that protects you and your family from various risks while traveling in Malaysia or overseas. It usually covers medical expenses, lost luggage, flight cancellations, and other losses that a traveler may incur while on the road. Travel insurance will be available for one-way, round-trip, and annual trips, both domestic and overseas.

Why should I choose MSIG travel insurance

MSIG travel insurance is a good choice because it provides a wide range of benefits and coverage in a single policy. They will cover you for:

  • Personal Accidents;
  • Medical and Other Expenses;
  • Luggage and Personal Effect;
  • Adventurous Activity;
  • Terrorism and Hijacking;
  • Inconveniences such as travel cancellation, flight or baggage delay, loss of personal money, and more

How do I contact MSIG travel insurance for further information?

If you have any questions about MSIG travel insurance, please contact them at (603) 2050 8228 or Email via for further information.

I am not a Malaysian. Is it possible for me to purchase the plan?

All Malaysians, Permanent Residents, Non-Residents, Work Permit/Employment Pass Holders, or otherwise legally employed persons in Malaysia, and their dependents, are eligible to apply for the MSIG travel insurance plan.

What are the types of products they have for travel insurance?

Two (2) MSIG travel insurance products are provided:

TravelRight Domestic (Inbound)

  • Individual Plan
  • Family Plan

TravelRight Plus (Overseas)

  • Single Trip Plan (Insured Only, Insured & Spouse, Family)
  • Annual Trip Plan (Insured Only)

Eligible age for the plan?

The eligible age for the plan can be separated into two (2) categories:


  • Age limit
    • Individual – Between 18 and 80 years of age
    • Family (includes you, your legal spouse and children) – Between 31 days and 17 years of age


  • Age limit
    • Single Trip (Child) – Between 31 days and 17 years of age
    • Annual Trip (All applicants) – Between 18 and 69 years old at first enrolment

When is the period of the coverage?

The period covered is different for international and domestic coverage:


  • Maximum period per journey is 31 days


  • Single Trip Plan – The maximum number of days for each trip shall not exceed 185 days
  • Annual Trip Plan – Unlimited provided each trip does not exceed 90 days

Is it possible for me to make a nomination for this plan?

Yes. You have the option of either nominating or appointing the individual.

If I’m holding a one-way ticket, am I eligible to purchase this plan?

Yes. You are eligible to purchase the Single Trip Plan for international or domestic

What is the procedure for canceling my coverage and receiving a refund of the premium paid?


You can cancel your policy at any time by providing MSIG with written notice. A refund will be granted only if you have not begun your journey and no claims have been reported.


You must give MSIG seven (7) days written notice before embarking on your journey. You are entitled to a refund of the premium paid for Single Trip Plan.
You must provide MSIG with seven (7) days written notice. According to the policy, you are entitled to a short-term refund for Annual Trip Plan.

Who do I contact for emergency assistance or if I need to be admitted to a hospital while overseas?

If you require emergency assistance while onboard, please call MSIG’s 24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance Hotline at 603-7965-3930.

What does MSIG travel insurance cover?

MSIG travel insurance covers a variety of coverage such as:

TravelRight Domestic

  • Personal Accident
  • Medical Expenses
  • Personal Luggage & Personal Effects
  • Travel Delay
  • Terrorism and Hijacking
  • Chartered Flights (scheduled)
  • Optional Add-on (Covid/Dengue)

TravelRight Plus

  • Personal Accident
  • Medical & Other Expenses
  • Travel Inconvenience
  • Terrorism and Hijacking
  • Chartered Flights (Scheduled)
  • Adventurous Activity Cover

What are other benefits under MSIG travel insurance?

MSIG travel insurance provided a variety of benefits such as:

  • Additional Coverage (Emergency Telephone Charges / Alternative Transport Arrangement)
  • 24-hour Worldwide Travel Assistance Hotline
  • No age limit for Single Trip Cover
  • Member of MATTA (Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents)

And there are many more benefits for you to choose from in a single travel insurance policy.

What countries does your policy covers?

These are the countries that international and domestic area coverage will include:

    • Area 1

Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China (excluding Mongolia & Tibet), Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Macau, Maldives, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

    • Area 2 (Including Area 1)

Bhutan, Europe, Mongolia, Nepal, and Tibet

    • Area 3 (Worldwide and Including Area 1 & 2)

Excluding Afghanistan, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria

    • Area 4 (Single Trip & Annual Trip)

Between Peninsular and East Malaysia and vice versa (Single Trip); Area 4 is included in the Annual Policy cover (Annual Trip).

    • Domestics

Traveling in Malaysia

How much do I have to pay for MSIG travel insurance?

The premium for the Single Trip Cover and Annual Trip Cover may differ depending on:

  • War and related risks
  • Government Regulations or Acts or Authorities of any country
  • Hazardous adventure
  • Exclusion for *COVID-19/Dengue Hospitalisation Allowance (TravelRight Domestic)
  • Suicide, self-inflicted injury or illness
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, abortion or miscarriage

And there are numerous other general exclusions for MSIG travel insurance.

How much do I have to pay for MSIG travel insurance?

The premium for the Single Trip Cover and Annual Trip Cover may differ depending on:

  • Area coverage
  • Types of plan
  • Number of days you wish to insure
  • Age

Can I pay for MSIG travel insurance on an installment basis?

Unfortunately, the insurance will not be effective unless the applicable premium is paid to MSIG.

How do I make a claim for MSIG travel insurance?

There is four (4) process to make a claim for MSIG travel insurance:

  • You must notify MSIG as soon as possible after returning from abroad of any event that may give rise to a claim
  • Then submit the Claim Form together with Tour Operator’s Confirmation of Booking Invoice and copies of Airline tickets
  • Fill out the sections of the Claim Form that pertain to your claim

Visit here for the related document based on the types of claims

I think I’m ready to buy it. What’s the best way to purchase my travel insurance?

Our user-friendly website is the best place to buy your travel insurance. You can compare and select the best travel insurance policy for your needs and budget.